2 Day Diet Plan

Lose 5-10 pounds and keep it off with a 2 day diet plan. Sounds hard, right? Think again. A 2 day diet cleanses the body, helps you lose weight, and mentally prepares you for you future dieting goals. Here’s how to start this diet.

I’ve seen lots of recipes for roasted cauliflower on dieting websites and it always looks really tasty. There are loads of variations, with different herbs and spices, but I decided to go for a breadcrumb/parmesan mix, for maximum crunchiness. It’s a super-easy recipe that requires hardly any effort at all. Here’s how I did it.

2 day diet plan

2 day diet plan

Day 1:

1 Cup Skim Milk
1 Orange, medium
1 Cup Cheerios Cereal
1 Cup Cantaloupe Melon
Vietnamese-Style Beef & Noodle Broth
1 Whole-Wheat Pita Bread, small
1 Cup Skim Milk
1 Fudgsicle, no sugar added
2 Tablespoons Prepared Hummus
3 Ounces Celery Sticks
1/2 Cup Cooked Brown Rice
Green & Yellow Beans with Wild Mushrooms
Roasted Cod with Warm Tomato-Olive-Caper Tapenade
1/2 Banana, small.

Day 2:

Parmesan chicken – 242 calories

Ingredients – serves 3

  • 1 pack Asda Chicken Breast Steaks (325g): 449 calories
  • 1/2 medium egg, beaten: 33 calories
  • 35g Panko breadcrumbs: 131 calories
  • 25g Parmesan, grated: 100 calories
  • 12 sprays Frylight: 12 calories


  • Mix together the Panko and Parmesan in a bowl,  beat the egg in another bowl and have a large plate handy.
  • Make sure the chicken steaks are all the same thickness. If not, put any thick ones between two pieces of cling film and bash with a rolling pin.
  • Dip the chicken in the egg, then into the breadcrumb mix, making sure both sides are fully coated, then lay carefully onto the plate. Do the same with all the steaks and squish any leftover breadcrumbs on the top. You can now stick the plate in the fridge if you’re not cooking straight away.
  • Preheat the oven to 200 degrees, spritz a baking tray with oil then carefully place the chicken on it. Spritz the top of the chicken with the rest of the oil and cook for around 25 minutes, turning once.
  • Once it’s nice and golden and crispy, it’s ready to serve. Enjoy!

If you’re going to add a cheat food as a treat use something filling and nutritious such as a teaspoon of peanut butter on a banana. In addition, try some other way to lose weight like 2 Day Diet pills online. You can still use pots and pans to make your foods. It’s the foods, and some methods that are different. Just because you’re eating the caveman diet doesn’t mean you have to go back to tree bark, leaves and flat rocks. Unless you want to! With the 2 day diet plan, losing weight just becomes so easy!

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