How Renee Zellweger Lost Weight

It is amazing that super stars and models can maintain slim figure so well. Indeed, many actors and actress once struggle with overweight very hard. In previous articles, we introduce the weight loss story of many Hollywood celebrities (for detail, read articles in Celebrity Weight Loss). Here, we continue to share how Renee Zellweger loss weight successfully.

Weight loss story of Renee Zellweger

renee zellweger weight loss

Actress Renee Zellweger, now 41, gained 20 pounds and went from a size 4 to a size 14.Perhaps more shocking was her post-Bridget Jones slim down. She dieted to lose the weight she had put on, and continued to lose even after returning to her healthy size 4. (She takes Magic slim capsule as supplement).

How She Did It

Reportedly she mainly ate tuna, fish, cold meat, salads and vegetables for quite a while and followed a daily exercise routine. Every day she spent about 2 hours in the gym with a personal trainer. She admitted that from time to time losing weight was tough as you have to stick to your plans. Renee said she was finding it especially hard to abstain from fish and chips and other pizza that she likes a lot

Forbidden foods include: bread, potatoes, flour, rice, peas, beans, bread crumbs, fried meat, soy, pasta, nuts, sausage, all kinds of roux and milk products like milk, cream, cheese, processed and smoked cheese butter, yogurt and cream, margarine, sweets, sugar, chocolate, corn sticks, pretzels, ice cream and any fruit!

Note: Renee’s solution to lose weight is not suitable for all. Some need a more moderate approach. Rapid weight loss may cause some problems:

Headaches and irritability

Fatigue and dizziness

Menstrual irregularities and constipation

Hair loss and muscle loss

You should consult your dietitians and doctors to pick up the right diet plans and exercise program for you. Want to keep touch with latest weight loss ideas and solutions, please subscribe our blog – 2 day diet review blog.

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